Puto is a rice flour cake in the Philippines, and while many folks love these little desserts, my wife isn’t a big fan. Give her halo halo or bibingka or anything, but these little, rubbery sweet cakes that can take so many different flavors simply don’t register with her.

And given that I am your local white man, it tickles her to see me tackling her home cuisine with such gusto…whether I fail or not.

Baking notes–don’t use betel leaf; I chose it because it was cheaper than buying enough banana leaf to cover my bed…it imparted a tad of bitterness to the puto–not much, but enough. This recipe had a quarter cup of butter, but not enough when put into standard muffin cups–it stuck a bit so a light buttering or neutral oil spray would be helpful.

Also–check with your Filipina wife to see if she’s a fan of the dessert first–I kinda knew she had a preference for other sweet things.

Result was very satisfying, but it won’t be at the top of my list of my do over list.

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