Traditional dessert from the island of Capri, and the addition of chocolate to this flourless cake really makes it heavy and dense–which ordinarily isn’t a problem.

When my wife cut a piece from the smaller cake, she found it still kinda gooey inside, almost as if it were under baked. I had given it a few extra minutes because I had two cakes in the oven and, even with the toothpick test for crumbs and even a Sur La Table baking device (Bundt Baking Thermometer) which, when inserted, by its color indicates a cake’s doneness, it seemed to be ready.

Of course, when things come out not as expected, Angela, my dear one is always concerned about the health aspect of eating something undercooked. In retrospect, while there were five eggs in each cake, 350 degrees at 40 minutes should have been more than ample time to reduce any risk of bacteria.

Per my wife’s request, I returned the two cakes to the oven for another ten minutes (which I now think might have been slightly premature) just to be on the safe side and to see if the inner texture might…improve to a drier, more cohesive form.

When we cut it, we both found it to be quite rich and delicious, but it also seemed, as stated, somewhat gooey and …underdone? Well, who knows?

Here are some close up pics. What do YOU think?

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