First of all, my current effort at cooking bistek in the Filipino style was, to my taste buds, a savory success. Thinly cut slices of top sirloin marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and a bit of lemon juice, topped with slowly caramelized onions….mmmm! Simple and easy, and wifey was..was…

“Oh, it’s tasty”, she said…with all the enthusiasm of someone comparing your culinary efforts to their sainted Lola’s (grandmother) cooking from her childhood–though its a fair bet that in her family, her Lola never lifted a finger to cook, having enough maids and household help since childhood.

Oh, she enjoyed it–I mean, it was delicious, the meat was soft and tender, but…but…

It wasn’t Glenn’s bistek.

While in Manila a couple of months ago, we had a chance to sample their live-in cook Glenn’s food more than once, and in my wife’s words…to die for. When I announced this evening that I was making bistek, she immediately presumed I was using Glenn’s recipe, which…which…well, I don’t know where it is.

I imagine I can email him for the recipe once again–and then she won’t need to call my efforts “Chris’ Neo-Bistek”, which isn’t a dig at all, but definitely not the praise one might hope for.

Tomorrow she wants bibingka for breakfast–so following another blogger’s suggestion…

It comes out of a box. I mean, whatever makes her happy.

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