Back in October due to my extreme confidence, hubris, inexperience, and chagrin (added after the fact), I decided to cook a huge several course meal for my in-laws in…a foreign country, in a kitchen I wasn’t familiar with, in a climate I wasn’t prepared for, and despite the best efforts of one of our hosts in her valiant attempt to dissuade me.

Worst. Culinary. Night. Of. My. Life.

The biggest disappointment was the cheese souffle which…mysteriously…went from proper temperature to lower temperature halfway through the cooking process. In any case, a complete disaster.

I hadn’t thought about soufflés much over the past few months, but tonight, with the weather cold, the wintry chill, two small ramekin cheese soufflés made sense, along with a bevy of small-cut vegetables I would roast beneath them.

Perfectly done, the richness of the cheese soufflés nicely contrasted by the bare crispness of the roasted sweet peppers, fingerling potatoes, broccoli, and eggplant (ok, the eggplant didn’t work, but the other veggies did). A glass of Crane Lake Sauvignon Blanc (2011) was a nice accompaniment.

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