My luck with buttercream frosting is quite pathetic. Came out like soup instead of the hoped-for, spreadable joy that it should be. It’s my belief that once I added the softball stage liquid sugar syrup to the beaten egg yolks, I added the cold butter…too soon. The heat, perhaps, prevented the magic.

So I tried the ‘seven minute frosting’ with sugar, egg whites, and vanilla with a bit of corn syrup. Look.

How sad is that. While the cake rounds came out just fine, the frosting….aargh!! One more task to improve upon (tastes great, however)

If failure stopped me, it didn’t prevent me from taking my empanadas filling and reworking them into gyoza–which came off swimmingly. Put together a nice dipping sauce of soy, rice vinegar, and a touch of chili.

Not to leave things done by half, I pulled out the remainder of my homemade kim chee.

Having a successful lunch under my belt (and a content wife) makes for a reasonably happy Sunday. Soon we will take a nice walk which will distract me from all my worldly worries.

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