As my wife moves with the speed of a laborer in the Philippines (at least as reported by folks building their homes in the Philippines), she will be well prepared for life…again…in the Islands. We are soon out to take a morning walk and it has occurred to me that her preparations for this constitutional are delayed each time she returns to the kitchen table and looks at her laptop.

I realize that I could be well along in preparing my chocolate mousse for tonight, but my dear one is is simply taking advantage of a weekend day’s advantage of being a layabout. God I love that woman.

Here are the ingredients for chocolate mousse. It is relatively simple to prepare (unlike the laborious effort my last night required) and should prove a smooth dessert to our friends’ planned curry dinner tonight.

Heavy cream, sugar, eggs, butter, and bittersweet chocolate…and a dash of homemade vanilla.

It is now in the fridge, awaiting the big chill. Good thing we took that long walk this morning. The mousse have plastic over them so that they don’t gather a crust or dry out.

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