It occurs to me that this particular bastardized maxim could easily be misinterpreted…but then, I don’t care. Even the ‘clean’ aspect of this is true–my hands got sticky tonight making lemon sugar syrup, whipped mascarpone and lemon curd, not to mention baking the two cake rounds.

Yes, folks–I entered into the manly world of cake baking tonight, for the simple reasons that I’d never really done it ‘right’, I didn’t really care if it didn’t come out absolutely perfectly, one only learns best from one’s errors (and I’m quit adept at making errors), and it was a big middle finger to any and all over the years who have told me NO it can’t be done…or shouldn’t… And lastly, I have never given a flying feewigger what people might think of me pursuing the purported ‘womanly arts’–bah!

Here are the two cake rounds…

Here is the mascarpone and lemon curd frosting…

And here is the cake during process…ugh!

I had to trim the cake to make each layer flat…which meant cutting the two layers into four layers, and getting rid of the rounded tops…here

And finally…after frosting and piping little flower-ette thingies on the top…here is the result.

Yah, looks kinda awesome, doesn’t it. Still, I already view it with an unseasoned critical eye, seeing where sides could be smoother, flower-ette thingies could have been mor uniform, more tightly packed, but that…that, my friends, will come with experience.

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