Tonight was Spanish night, so I threw together a fairly quick and simple meal of chicken thigh pieces with lemon, garlic, and paprika and it came out very nice. For carbs, I made patatas bravas sans the ‘bravas’ (the spicy part) because my wife is not a big fan of things that burn her tongue.

To round things out in a peculiar way, I bought wraps of lettuce, carrot and avocado with a dipping sauce (Asian-ish) but wanted to impart a measure of Spanish energy with an alternate dipping sauce, so…from scratch…going on basic instinct…I squeezed a lemon from out front from our tree, took a couple of tablespoons of pistachios into the food processor, and put them both into my mortar with a little salt, and started to grind away (I had no pestle–it’s lost in some other box somewhere…) with, of all things, a single piece ice cream scoop, using the handle end–and it worked fine.

I gradually added some olive oil to the mix, tasted it, and kept on adding olive oil. Still too tart, and finally got to the flavor I wanted.

Angela thought it was great…on the potatoes, but not on the lettuce avocado wrap. Ahh! Still, quite a success for me, as we think the sauce would go well on little toasts or bread at some point.

Very happy…and full.

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