I’m becoming more of a fan of baking…particularly when things go south–and they do, because my approach to baking is not as…mathematical or precise as it needs to be. Then I shake my head, pay more attention to the damned details, and then things turn out better. And I learn the most from mistakes–don’t we all?

My first pithivier a few weeks ago came out ok…certainly fine in the taste arena, but it leaked, rose unevenly, but…otherwise a very serviceable pastry.

It leaked again, but not so much, partly because I took more time to seal the top and bottom pieces of the puff pastry more firmly–and it made a difference. It also didn’t really require the full 35 minutes of cooking.

Why would I take the time to cook this? Well, I had all the ingredients of course! And I’m heading to a birthday party and I had to bring something.

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