This is a mild variant of a Kim chee pattie whose recipe I found in Food & Wine some months ago–pork patties with ginger, scallions, and Kim chee mixed in, breaded in panko, fried in the skillet, and drizzled with a mayo/soy/sesame sauce, toasted sesame seeds, and laying over a bed of baby spinach–usually served with rice.

This time I decided to simplify it a bit and made sliders…

I breaded and fried the pork patties per usual, but with the sliders it was more of an assembly process–small slider buns dressed with the mayo/soy sauce, then the pattie, topped with a bit of Kim chee, a plop of wilted spinach, and sesame seeds. See it above? Serve with a nice Spanish rose if you have it, and baked sweet potato fries.

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