I’m thinking ahead, and as I say that I can hear my wife laughing raucously because, frankly, that’s her job in this relationship–mine is reminding her that multi-tasking, Plan Bs, anticipating disaster, not to mention all other concerns that fall under ‘thinking ahead’ are excellent and helpful skills…only until the plans meet up with the universe.

You see, I long ago learned that thinking ahead is something that I planned for at the same time as her–and my plan was to find someone else to do it. This has worked out swimmingly for me, as whatever choice wisdom I might offer to the world was simply my mutant skill to marry well.

This leaves me to think about the daily concerns that don’t really enter my lovely wife’s head–what to do today to prepare for dinner tomorrow…or the next day. Defrost the chuck steak so that the beef stew will go well. Buy chervil, parsley and parchment paper because you need to make guirlache later this week.

You know, important things.

Today I put together a quick Tortilla Espanola because…well, I haven’t made it for awhile but its winter, and while I didn’t have my preferred Yukon gold tubers, the russets would suffice. To make the tortilla a little different, I added in a small handful of grated cheddar cheese, did my ‘flip’ reasonably successfully, sprinkled some parsley for garnish in top, and made a little homemade aioli.

Along with this, I have a small salad from Trader Joe’s and a white Macon Villages Chardonnay from a vintner in France whose similar bottles sell for upwards of $100 apiece. This one is significantly less, maybe $18, and if you like Chardonnay without extreme oakiness, this is the way to go.

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