Don’t you love French? A guy can say he’s taking a piss and it can still sound sexy and mouthwatering…or not. Tonight I took a couple more recipes out of Bistro Cooking (French local cooking) which included a quick pork sausage patty with thyme and pepper flakes, crusty bread (my homemade bread, of course), and freshly shucked oysters (huitres).

To round out the meal, I microwaved some broccoli florets and drizzled olive oil and Filipino Bagoong over it for a little fishy saltiness.

For dessert, nothing like a clafoutis de figues for dessert. Before we knew it we had both wolfed down about half of the entire dish. I found some local ‘Sierra figs’ at my local market and, as they were delightfully sweet, they went well with the standard custard batter a clafouti requires. Dipping the figs first in a mix of honey and cinnamon added just enough je ne sais quoi to make dessert good enough to make it again.

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